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GSP Credentials for e-Waybill or e-Invoice

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GSP Credentials for e-Waybill or e-Invoice

Setup Credentials for e-Waybill or e-Invoice 

New GSP User will be required if you want to generate e-Waybill or e-Invoice using APIs. The following steps will help you create a new user for GSP.

  1. Login to the e-Waybill portal using your existing credentials.
  2. Go to Registration --> For GSP and authenticate yourself with OTP.
  3. Add New User. Choose GSP Name as Adaequare Info Private Limited.
  4. Enter the appropriate Username and Password and add the user.
  5. Enter the same username (along with prefix) and password in the credentials table under GST Setting.

Create e-Waybill Credentials

Are the credentials for e-Waybill and e-Invoice the same? 

Yes, e-Waybill or e-Invoice Portal have the same credentials. Updating your password on any portal will update it on another portal also.

Is it necessary to create GSP Login to make API Access? 

Absolutely, in a way, you are authorizing GSP to create/upload e-Waybill and e-Invoice transactions on your account. You shall not be able to access APIs if credentials are for different GSP / you are using personal login credentials.


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