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How ERPNext can help MSME with Manufacturing Unit for automate their business

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ERPNext is an open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that provides a complete suite of applications for small to medium-sized businesses. The Manufacturing module is a crucial component of ERPNext, as it allows businesses to streamline their manufacturing processes and increase productivity. In this blog, we will explore the Manufacturing module in ERPNext and its key features.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

The Bill of Materials (BOM) is a comprehensive list of raw materials, components, and subassemblies required to manufacture a finished product. In ERPNext, the BOM feature allows users to create, manage and track all the components required for the manufacturing process. This includes the ability to add descriptions, quantity, and costs of each item. This information can be used to generate material requisitions, purchase orders, and work orders.

Work Order

A work order is a document that specifies the details of a specific manufacturing task, including the quantity, expected completion date, and other pertinent details. The Work Order feature in ERPNext allows users to create, track, and manage work orders for each step of the manufacturing process. This includes tracking the progress of each work order, assigning tasks to specific employees, and updating the status of each task.

Production Planning

The Production Planning feature in ERPNext allows users to plan and schedule the manufacturing process. This includes the ability to schedule production orders, allocate resources, and monitor the progress of each task. The Production Planning feature also provides a Gantt chart view that shows the timeline of each task, allowing users to identify potential bottlenecks and adjust the schedule accordingly.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management feature in ERPNext provides users with real-time visibility into their inventory levels. This includes the ability to track inventory levels for raw materials, work in progress, and finished goods. The Inventory Management feature also allows users to set reorder levels for each item and generate purchase orders automatically when inventory levels fall below the reorder level.

Quality Control

The Quality Control feature in ERPNext allows users to maintain a high level of quality in their manufacturing process. This includes the ability to create and manage quality control checklists, record quality control data, and track the performance of each item. The Quality Control feature also allows users to define quality control parameters for each item and generate reports on quality control performance.


The Manufacturing module in ERPNext provides businesses with a comprehensive set of tools to streamline their manufacturing processes, increase productivity, and maintain a high level of quality. By using features such as BOM, Work Order, Production Planning, Inventory Management, and Quality Control, businesses can optimize their manufacturing operations and improve their bottom line. With its open-source nature, ERPNext provides a cost-effective solution for small to medium-sized businesses looking to streamline their manufacturing processes.


We believe in the transformative potential of ERPNext.

Jigar Tarpara

ERPNext & Frappe Consultant ERPNext & Frappe Developer CEO at Khatavahi BI Solutions LLP

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